Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our blog. Seoul National University and College of Natural Sciences. We the students of SNU would like to invite and welcome students from all over the world to come learn with us. We understand that travel can be intimidating and that fear of culture shock may deter some students from studying abroad. Korea is a friendly and welcoming culture and students who decide to venture to our beautiful country will be received most hospitably. On this blog you will find useful information such as how to apply for student visas and where to eat. We will also strive to provide insight into Korean culture and the more international and diverse culture of SNU. In the future we hope to host a forum where SNU students can discuss classes and social events, and those interested in becoming students can ask questions about the university, about Seoul in general, and about travel. We hope that the information here will prove useful and that it will help you to feel comfortable in transitioning to this educational environment.

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