Types of International Scholarships for SNU Students

Types of International Scholarships for SNU Students

South Korea offers excellent higher education opportunities but some of these may be expensive. The average cost of tuition at a private university in the country will range between 3,000 and 6,000 dollars per semester.

The good news is that academic institutions like Seoul National University (SNU) have excellent international student scholarship options. Here are a few of the top possibilities that you can rely on to bring down the cost of tuition.

KGSP Opportunities

SNU students can benefit from several different kinds of scholarships. The first opportunity is called Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) and it’s usually available to anywhere between 20 and 40 recipients per year.

As the name indicates, this international scholarship is not provided by SNU itself. It’s available to international students who want to enroll in an undergraduate program (a graduate program scholarship is also available and provided separately). KGSP provides full tuition coverage, 800,000 South Korean won per month for living expenses, one economy roundtrip ticket, coverage for Korean language training for a period of one year and a medical insurance.

Because the conditions of the program are so lucrative, it gets a big number of applications per year. Applicants submit their documents to a Korean embassy in the respective country by September and the National Institute for International Education makes the final pick.

The full details of applying for the scholarship are available on the National Institute of International Education website. The academic performance of the candidate is the most important criterion that will be examined during the selection process.


Types of International Scholarships for SNU Students

Graduate Scholarship for Excellent Foreign Students

As the name indicates, this opportunity is available exclusively for SNU graduate students. This scholarship is available for all Asian students, apart from people coming from China and Japan (separate scholarship opportunities are available for these students). There are approximately 20 scholarship recipients per year.

The scholarship covers the tuition fees for a period of four semesters and it provides 50,000 won for the coverage of living expenses. Applications are submitted at the SNU Office of Admission and each respective college makes the final recipient selection.

Scholarships are handed out on the basis of academic and personal achievements. Proof of both must be provided for the application to stand out.

Scholarships for Overseas Koreans

South Korean expats who plan to return to the country and attend SNU can also enjoy a scholarship opportunity.

The program is available for overseas Korean students who plan to complete their undergraduate training at SNU. This program has five recipients per year and it covers full tuition costs for eight semesters, living expenses (800,000 won per month), the cost of one economy roundtrip airplane ticket, eight months of language training and a medical insurance fee.

The deadline for application is March and documents must be submitted at the Korean embassy in the respective country. Recipients are chosen by the Overseas Korean Foundation.

Once again, academic and personal excellence are important for being granted the scholarship. Applicants will be asked to write a self-introductory essay, provide a copy of their high school transcript and include two recommendation letters in the application.

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