SNU – A Culturally Diverse University

SNU - A Culturally Diverse University

Several important considerations go into picking the right academic program. The curriculum, experience of faculty members, tuition fees and extracurricular activities are some of the important factors.

The ambiance and culture you’ll be experiencing during those years in college can also be a determining factor. SNU is a culturally diverse university. Here’s everything we think you need to know if considering attending.

Commitment to being a Global University

As per SNU official presentation, this is a “truly global university.” The SNU administration is continuing to put emphasis on diversity so that we can attract more international students to the campus.

Currently, SNU has academic exchange agreements with 860 universities and research facilities in different parts of the world. These arrangements add further to the cultural diversity that SNU students are exposed to.

SNU has approximately 2,000 students from 50 different countries on campus. There’s an Office of International Affairs aimed at helping these students get accustomed and make the most of their stay in South Korea. The university has about 250 classes in English and the administration plans to increase the number even further in the years to come.

The International Summer Institute

To increase its multi-cultural appeal, SNU has launched yet another initiative that many students have gotten a chance to enjoy.

In 2007, the university opened its International Summer Institute. The aim of the establishment is to offer academic courses during the summer, giving students from different countries a chance to “test” SNU and experience the life on campus.

SNU - A Culturally Diverse University

The institute has a six-week intensive program that focuses on many topics of interest from business administration to sociology and arts. Courses are offered both by SNU faculty members and guest lecturers.

In addition, the institute makes it possible for students to acquire the necessary language skills, especially if they are interested in pursuing a degree at SNU. Anyone who has completed their undergraduate program and students who have been accepted to pursue their bachelor’s degree at SNU are eligible to attend the summer courses.

Life and Studying at SNU: How Cultural Diversity is Encouraged

Students at SNU have access to modern facilities and world-class tools. A large library featuring a comprehensive collection of educational/reading materials makes it possible for just about everyone to expand their knowledge and acquire new skills.

It’s also important to point out that Seoul ranks as number four among the 74 Best Student Cities in a 2017 ranking by QS (a massive improvement from the 10th position that it held in 2016). In addition, SNU is featured in the QS World University Ranking and it occupies the 35th position.

According to the QS ranking, Seoul is a city that has a lot to offer to international students. Gamer centers, exciting nightlife, traditional tea houses and historical landmarks all come together to shape up its unique ambiance. In addition, the vast majority of international students that acquire their degree in Seoul give the experience a high ranking.

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