Places To Eat And Stay In Seoul

Places To Eat And Stay In Seoul

Like any great city, Seoul has a diverse mixture of fancy restaurants and affordable places to eat. If you’re a new incoming student, then you probably haven’t had the time to book a reservation at some of the fancier places. You probably don’t have the funds either after paying for books and lodging. That’s why we’ve compiled a short list of some of the best, yet affordable places to eat while you are staying in this great city.

Seoho Gimbap

If you want delicious kimbap, then there’s one place in Seoul that you need to know of: Seoho Gimbap. As a matter of fact, you should put a map on your dorm wall and then put a gold star on 14101, Bangbaejungang-ro because it’s going to become one of your favorite places to visit.

It’s open Tuesday to Sunday from 9 in the morning until 9:30 at night. That’s a little more than 12 hours you’ll have available to dine on affordable and delicious kimbap. However, during the weekend, there is an hour of break time between 3 and 4 pm. So make sure to pencil that into your schedule.

Seoho Gimbap is a restaurant with as much history as it has flavor. It was opened in 1992 after some big changes took place on Cafe Street. This is one of the few restaurants that has survived the decades, but it’s gone through some much-needed renovations. What hasn’t changed much over the years is the food itself. Most critics agree that it tastes the same today as it did twenty years ago. That’s probably why you’ll still see a line leading out of the restaurant if you visit during the lunch rush.


Places To Eat And Stay In Seoul

Su-Ryun Jip

In most cases, newcomers spend quite a while in Seoul before they ever discover the hidden gem that is Su-Ryun Jip. We’re going to save you the time and tell you about this delicious eatery that’s hidden away in the alleys behind the Jongno 3-ga station. Su-Ryun Jip is not only delicious, but most of their meals are priced at below 3,500 won.

If you were to visit some of the high-class restaurants, 3,500 won might get you a bowl of lettuce. Here, you will get full meals with large portions. It almost feels like you’re eating at home. Everyone is happy and the food is always amazing. You can eat here every day and never worry about dipping into the payment for your dorm.

Great Places To Stay To.

What happens when you get tired of the dorm life? Then it’s time to enjoy a weekend at a nearby hotel. Luckily, all of the money you’ve saved by eating at affordable restaurants like Su-Ryun Jip and Seoho Gimbap can be put towards a night or two at some of the local hotels. Names like the Ramada are probably easily recognizable from America and they are just as affordable here as they are there. Overall, Seoul is a great place to stay, to eat, and to learn. We look forward to having you here.

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