How to Obtain a Student Visa to South Korea

How to Obtain a Student Visa to South Korea

If you’ve decided to study with us at SNU you’ll need to obtain a visa to live in and attend school in the country. The process is straightforward but we will break it down simply.

Where to Get a Visa

A student visa can be obtained from a South Korean embassy or consulate in their respective country. Here is where to find the South Korean Embassy nearest to you. When visiting the embassy or consulate, you should have all of the documents required for visa issuing.

There may be some differences, depending on the academic institution that you will be attended and the type of course the student is enrolled in. Generally, the documents that will be required for visa issuing include the South Korea student visa application form which you can view and print here, a passport, a bank statement showing proof of sufficient funds, a school transcript, an admission letter, and a medical certificate.

The medical certificate needs to verify that the applicant doesn’t suffer from contagious diseases and is also HIV negative.

Types of Student Visas

There are two types of student visas that people interested in attending a South Korea university can obtain.

A D-2 visa is issued to anyone who’ll be completing a regular education program. It’s usually the one issued for people who will be pursuing their undergraduate, graduate or doctorate degree at SCU.


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The maximum length of stay with a D-2 visa is two years. If the academic program continues for a longer period of time, the visa will have to be renewed. The visa can be renewed while the student is in South Korea, there will be no need to leave the country.

D-4 visas are issued to people who will be undergoing general training in the country. Such a visa will be applicable for individuals who’ll be attending language schools or courses and those who plan to spend time at a South Korean research institute.

Thus, if you’re about to enroll in a South Korean university, you’ll have to specify that you’re applying for a D-2 visa.

Fees and a Few Additional Considerations

On December 29, 2016, the South Korean Government increased the fee for issuing all kinds of visas. These also vary from one country to another, so it may be best to check with the respective embassy.

For US students, the typical fee is 45 dollars. The processing fee could differ depending on how fast you need to have the visa issued and whether you’re looking for a single-entry or a multiple-entry document.

Due to the large number of people who have been found working illegally on a D-2 visa, people who are currently students in the country are prohibited from working full-time. If you have concerns or you’d like to seek employment to cover some of the tuition costs, you’ll need to inquire about the options during the visa interview at the embassy. Some students are able to remain employed in their home country by working via internet.

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